Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Halloween pretend and play!

This excerpt was taken from a mother that has loved dressing her kids up for Halloween! Make sure to jot down few notes from her great tips to help get your kids ready for the Halloween season. This, as well, will help broaden your kid's imagination through pretend and play!

Last night I spent the evening searching through patterns and material to make a specific
Halloween costume. My children are in their teens and early twenties but we still spend every
October preparing for their favorite holiday, Halloween. When my children were very young they loved to play dress up. We would
continually accumulate
outfits from friends, Salvation Army, and relatives. I also hit the stores after Halloween for great specials on dress ups. They had a complete wardrobe specifically for this purpose. So when October came around they were very
excited to dress up and choose a new character to impersonate. They would always choose characters that they loved in the stories we read. They were so
enthusiastic and I would involve them in the entire event: choosing the character, the costume, the dinner for the evening, and the friends we would include.
Halloween has always been one of their favorite holidays because we made traditions that allowed us to celebrate in the manner unique to our family. With little children it is important to set patterns and traditions within the home. As you think about what you want to do for Halloween
consider the traditions you would like to continue and the messages you would like share with your
children and others. We always included special friends and family for our dinner. My daughters still consider it an important day for our family to be
together even in their twenties.
With the month beginning and much to prepare for
remember to enjoy your child’s excitement. Make your child the leader of the band and follow the cues that will help them to have fun and learn much from this imagination packed holiday.

By: Barbara Leavitt

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