Monday, April 5, 2010

Alphabet Activity For Toddlers

Around age two your child should start becoming familiar with the alphabet.  There are many ways to introduce the alphabet to your toddler.  One good way is to purchase a set of refrigerator magnets that you child can manipulate and play with.  As he/she is plays with them you should point out the different letters so that he/she will start to recognize the individual letters.  You can also start spelling your child's name out with the magnets and say the individual letters, this way your child will start to understand that letters make up words.

Here is another fun activity you can do with your toddler to help him/her learn the alphabet, colors, and shapes.  

Things you will need:
- a printer to print the letters and shapes
-small toys, blocks, or cars
-poster board

1. Print out the alphabet letters and shapes. (A-G / H-P/ Q-V / W-Z) Click on a letter group to print each page, also notice there are a few shapes on each page.
2. Color the letters and shapes with different colors.
3. Cut out the letters and shapes.
4. Glue the letters and shapes to a poster board.
5. Gather some toys, blocks, or cars.

To Play:
Give your child one of the toys and let them play with it on the poster.  Then you can talk to your child and say things like "look you put Cinderella on the blue letter A" or "look the ball landed on the purple letter P" This way your child not only learns to recognize letters but also colors.  

Once you are done playing you can hang the poster on the fridge so that your child sees it there everyday.  Occasionally you can ask your child to point to certain letters or shapes.  

*Activity idea came from toddlertoddler.com

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