Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Infant Massage - Strokes for Legs and Feet

Babies usually enjoy having their legs massaged. Start with one leg, complete all of the strokes, then switch to the second leg and repeat the same strokes.
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Indian Miking - Support baby's foot with one hand and stroke her leg from the top of the thigh to the ankle. It may help to hold your hand in a "C" shape while stroking your baby's leg. Switch hands, holding your baby's foot with your other hand, repeat. Alternate stroking the outside of the leg then the inside.
Squeeze and Twist - With your hands in a "C" shape, start at your baby's hip and hold your baby's leg with both hands close together. Alternate a gentle squeezing and twisting motion from hip to ankle.
Stroke up Sole of Foot - Stroke the bottom of your baby's foot from heel to toe with one thumb, then the other.
Squeeze Each Toe - Gently Squeeze Each toe. You can recite "This Little Piggy".
Walking - "Walk" your thumbs gently along the bottom of your baby's foot.
Stroking Top of Foot - Stroke the top of the foot from the toes toward the ankle.
Swedish Milking - This is the same concept as Indian Milking but instead of starting at the hip, you will start at the ankle and move upwards toward the hip with your hand in a "C" shape.

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