Sunday, October 10, 2010

Tummy Time

Tummy time is very important for babies so they can develop the strength that they need. 

What if my baby does not seem to like being on his tummy? Even though some babies do not seem to like this position, it is important for them to have their tummy time so they can practice lifting their head. If you place your baby on his tummy a couple times a day for short periods of time, he will eventually learn to enjoy the position!

Tummy Time Central is a great website with very useful information about tummy time. Questions like, "How much tummy time is necessary?" "When should babies start?" and "What activities are best?" are all answered here.

Here are just three of the five tummy time "moves" from this website: Tummy Time Moves

Try them out! 

Tummy to Tummy: Lie down on your back and place your baby on your tummy or chest so that you are  face-to-face.
Tummy Minute: Every time you change your baby's diaper, place him on his tummy for one to two minutes.
Tummy-Down Carry: Slide one hand under the tummy and between the legs of your baby while you carry him tummy down.

Pictures of these moves (and more!) can be found at the Essential Tummy Time Moves website

Enjoy tummy time with your baby!

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