Thursday, November 11, 2010

"The Secret Language of Babies" - Book Review

Long before your baby says her first word, she is communicating with you in a number of important ways. Your baby uses cries, coos and body language using her face, arms, legs, hands, feet and even toes to tell you what she is feeling or in need of. The Secret Language of Babies, by Sally and Edwin Kiester, outlines what your baby is trying to tell you through these important cues.

Some of the highlights of the book are:

~ How to Interpret Your Baby's Cries - This section describes 10 cries, what they sound like, what your baby is trying to tell you and how you can help meet your baby's needs. (p. 47-51)
~ A Guide to Understanding Baby's Facial Expressions - This section explains 8 common facial expressions babies make and what they are trying to say. (p. 57-61)
~  Explanations on what your baby is trying to tell you with his arms, hands, legs and feet.

Interesting Facts: Did you know that when your baby moves his arms in a windmilling motion and his facial expressions are happy, he is showing you that he is excited about seeing you or about what is going to happen next? (p. 69)

Interesting Facts: Did you know that your baby extending her big toe is a likely sign that she is in pain? Also, the whole foot being pointed toward the floor may evidence acute pain. Finally, your baby may express discomfort by slightly curled toes. (p. 79)

Find more interesting facts by reading this insightful book, full of helpful hints, relevant research and beautiful pictures.

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