Monday, March 28, 2011

How Young is TOO Young for Potty Training?

In a recent article on ABC Health News the topic was about the current trend to potty train babies very young. One mother from Virginia was shocked when her 3 year old daughter was punished for having too many accidents at school. She had to keep her child home from preschool for one month because of it. No wonder mothers are feeling the urge to potty train younger and younger!

There are a couple of programs out there that teach mothers how to potty train starting as young as 2 months old. One of these programs is called Elimination Communication, which has thousands of followers. Some people think 2 months is just too young, while others think the earlier the better.

What do you think? How young is too young?

To read the full story click HERE!

*Image taken from http://abryan.aupairnews.com/2011/03/02/childcare-tip-of-the-week-36/

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