Friday, June 14, 2013

Book Review: Bear's Loose Tooth by Karma Wilson & Jane Chapman

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 Bear is enjoying a nice lunch with all of his friends when he finds something wiggling in his mouth. What could it be? His first loose tooth!! 
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After reading this story, try this fun Loose tooth activity. Using pink construction paper cut out some lips. Glue each lip to a popsicle stick and write your child's name on it. Use mini marshmallows or pieces of white gum as teeth. If you lick the mini marshmallows the sugar will act like glue and stick to the construction paper. If you want to use gum or another white candy you'll have to stick them on with hot glue or another adhesive. Have your child count how many bottom and top teeth they have. Then have them count and place the same number of marshmallows on their lips. If they have a tooth missing make sure to leave a gap on their lips. I'd suggest writing the date on the back so you your child can see the changes their teeth have made over time. 

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