Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Resource Spotlight: Community Health Connect

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According to the last census bureau, 14% of Utahns are uninsured and in Utah County alone 12% of the residents are uninsured11.8% of families with children in Utah County are also in poverty.  Many, if not all of them according to the percentages above, are without health insurance. With the emerging changes in our health care system and the economic crisis it may be hard for these families to get adequate and affordable dental and medical care. Community Health Connect realizes this need in our community and is doing something about it. The non-profit organization has physicians, nurses and other skilled professionals who donate their services and time to help those in need of medical and dental services. 

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"[Their] mission is to improve access to quality health and dental care for low-income uninsured men, women, and children in Utah County. [They] accomplish this goal through the coordination of a Volunteer Provider Network, providing health education and maximizing existing community resources."

If you are interested or you know someone who could use this resource click here to find out how to apply. 

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