Friday, January 8, 2010

Baby Food

A lot of parents can become confused when their baby starts eating solid foods.  Knowing what age to introduce certain foods can be frustrating.  We have found a great website that can answer a lot of questions that you might have about introducing solids to your baby.  The website is www.wholesomebabyfood.com it has a ton of very useful information!  Here are the links to four different printable solid food charts that list the different foods your baby can eat at each stage. 

*The current recommendation is for your baby to start eating solids at six months of age, however some parents will choose to start introducing certain solid foods at 4 months of age depending on their infants readiness to start eating solid foods.  Click here for guidelines on when to start your baby on solid foods.   

There are also certain foods that your baby should not eat until he/she has reached a certain age click here for more information.

This website also has a huge variety of different homemade baby food recipes.  Here are links to great baby food recipes.

Making homemade baby food can save you a lot of money and you might be surprised how easy it can be.  Click here to see how much you can save by making homemade baby food verses buying baby food from the store.  

One great tip on making homemade baby food is that most homemade baby food can be kept in your freezer.  This means that you can make a huge batch of baby food and then put it in a ice cube tray and put in your freezer.  Then after the cubes of baby food are frozen you can take them out of the ice cube tray and put the cubes in a plastic freezer bag.  This makes homemade baby food very convenient.  Click here for a ton of different freezing techniques and information about freezing baby food.   

This website has SO much more information!  Check it out!


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