Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Limiting T.V. Time

A recent report found on kidshealth.org shows that "high-schoolers who watch too much TV are more likely to have bad eating habits 5 years down the road." If we are trying to nip childhood obesity in the bud, cutting back television time might be a huge help.

Here are some ways you can get your kids out of the family room and off of the couch. To take control of the TV in your house, you can:
  • Limit the number of TV-watching hours.
  • Stock the room in which you have your TV with plenty of other non-screen entertainment (books, kids' magazines, toys, puzzles, board games, etc.) to encourage kids to do something other than watch the tube.
  • Keep TVs out of kids' bedrooms.
  • Turn off the TV during meals.
  • Don't allow kids to watch TV while doing homework.
  • Treat TV as a privilege that kids need to earn — not a right that they're entitled to. Tell them that TV viewing is allowed only after chores and homework are completed.
  • Try a weekday ban. Schoolwork, sports activities, and job responsibilities make it tough to find extra family time during the week. Record weekday shows or save TV time for weekends, and you'll have more family togetherness time to spend on meals, games, physical activity, and reading during the week.
It is Summertime! There are lots of activities going on that can get your kids out of the house, and get you some quiet time. Take advantage of it before the snow come backs around!

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