Monday, June 6, 2011

Hair Bows for Babies

1. The only things needed are the tights, a little bit of ribbon. Preferably the same color as the headband. Also the sewing machine and hot glue. Cut the very ends off of the knee highs. Heat seal the ribbon on both ends.

2. Fold the tights over and even up the ends. Sew close to the edge with a gathering stitch.

It doesn't have to be perfect because we won't see that part when we finish.

3. Pull the end strings so that the tights gather.
The gather automatically folds in toward each other. 

4. Tie the ends of the strings together so that the gathering doesn't unravel.

5. Take the ribbon and wrap it around the seam. Hot glue right on to the seam with one side of the ribbon.

6. Hot glue the other side too. I try to pull it a little tight so that the bow or flower isn't flopping around.

Now you can put anything in the headband.
To see how to make a flower hair clip go here.

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