Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Infant and Toddler Swim Benefits

With the hot temperatures, nothing sounds better than a nice day at the pool!

However, it may seem too early to take your infants and toddlers to the pool.  If you make sure to take precautions such as good sun care, hydration, and water safety, introducing your children to water at an early age can actually have great benefits.  A good rule of thumb when swimming with your infant or toddler is "touch supervision," especially with toddlers, you want to be in arms reach of your child.

Another beneficial activity to consider are 'mommy and me' swimming classes.  Most public pools offer a series of classes to help introduce young children to water.  Swimming classes have many benefits such as: 
  1. Those children who have swimming lessons at an early age, if parents continue these lessons, will have better developed motor movement. In other words they can coordinate their motor movement much better than those who don't swim. 
  2. Because these young children or babies are in lessons and they have to follow instructions, they improve their cognitive skills. 
  3. A child who is involved in swimming lessons will develop their social and emotional skills further because they are involved with other children. 
  4. Because they are being spoken to about their movement skills in the water and spoken to about color, their language skills are developed.

We have several water parks locally, they are family friendly and offer activities for children of all ages.  Both the Veteran pool and the Scera Pool have great children play areas.

Veterans Pool and Waterslide Park

450 West 500 North Street
Provo, UT 84601
(801) 852-6614
Preschoolers will love the large play area in the shallow pool. Multiple slides will accommodate preschoolers of all skill levels. Preschoolers will have plenty of opportunities to get wet in the many water sprays that fill the play area and the buckets that slowly fill with water and dump on the unsuspecting preschoolers below. For preschoolers who prefer to swim without being splashed, the large beach like pool offers a large open swim area with a gradual incline into the water.

Pool blog

Scera Pool

701 South State Street Orem, UT 84058 
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