Friday, August 12, 2011

Community Donations

This has been a great summer!  We've had some great family events, lots of fun free community events, and many great blog posts.  In addition, we've had many great success stories from our volunteers about the many families visited in Utah County.

Although we like to focus on educational resources for parents, fun craft ideas, and local events on this blog, we'd like to take a minute and let you know what goes behind the scenes of our program and thank the many people who make this program run.

Welcome Baby is a home visitation program that focuses on parent education, community support, and early childhood literacy.  Our trained volunteers go into the homes of many first time families in Utah County and bring packets containing a receiving blanket, baby book, hat, and socks.  In addition, the family receives a wonderful reference book called "Keeping Your Baby Healthy" and other great information.

All of the materials that go in our packets are generously donated by local religious groups, through community drives, and from our Welcome Baby volunteers.  Without your donations, we could not put together these amazing packets to give to our families.  Recently, a local LDS ward had an activity and put together 85 new packets for us.  Each packet had a cute blanket and a brand new baby book.  When these packets were delivered to our office, we were overwhelmed by the love these ladies put into each packet.  It is easy to get into the daily mundane office tasks, but this surprise donation made us all stop and look at the bigger pictures of what Welcome Baby is truly about. Our goal is to help the many new mothers in our community feel the love and support of their neighbors, community, and other mothers.  Through these social connections, they can be given the resources to help them with basic questions or help them handle more difficult concerns.   As we looked through these packets, we were reminded of our goal and the love for all the families and new babies we visit.  Welcome Baby would like to thank this wonderful group of women who took time and resources to make these beautiful packets! We couldn't do it without your support.

Other surprise donations have come in as well.  Each time a donation is made, we are overwhelmed by the generosity and kindness of our community members. Not only do we receive donated blankets and burp cloths, but many times there are hours of hand stitched work and a little love put into the items donated.  Thank you!

Last but not least, we had a sweet lady donate to our early childhood literacy program and from her donation we were able to purchase 40 NEW books!  Welcome Baby encourages mothers and fathers to read to their children from the start.  Not only does that encourage parent/child bonding, but it instills a love for reading and learning from a young age!

We are so grateful for the many people who have donated to our program and for the continued support we receive.  Thank you!

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  1. The new parents always love their packet of free things from Welcome Baby, especially the blankets. Thanks to everyone that donates. I love being a home visit volunteer!