Monday, September 26, 2011

How to teach your child the Rules of the House

At 15 months your baby is starting to walk and has the freedom to discover new and exciting things around the house.  With this new freedom, parents have an increased concern for safety which requires rules and limits.  When teaching rules, it is important to understand that it is difficult for babies to understand why they should or should not do something and they are learning how to control themselves.  This is why it is difficult for toddlers to follow rules.  It is also important to realize that Toddlers at this age are very messy.  Their attention span is very short meaning they will move to the next activity quickly and not take the time or be interested in cleaning up after themselves.  Rules at this age should be geared toward safety.  

What a child at this age can and should learn
  • To not go into the street
  • To not touch a stove or fire
  •  To not go places where they might get hurt
  • To respect people and their property by teaching them that it is not okay to break something or to hurt anyone
  • To respond to set routines at mealtime or at bedtime
  • Which drawers, cupboards and rooms they are and are not allowed to play in
Children this age don’t always respond to “no” but learn rules through practice.  This means that they will break the rules a few times and then eventually get the idea.

  • If your child breaks the rules you can help by:
  • Telling him what he did wrong
  • Helping him stop what he is doing (this may be by removing him from the situation)
  • Letting him know what he can do

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