Monday, September 19, 2011

Steps to help your child with fear

Some of the most common childhood fears are monsters, the dark, storms/thunder/lightening, bugs, snakes, getting lost, being kidnapped, dogs, fire, harm coming to a parent and failing in school. Here are some ways to help your child handle or face their fears      
  • Don’t leave an upset child.  This is the most important time when they need help being comforted.
  • Listen Carefully and respect whatever the child tells you about his fear
  • Help him to see that it is natural to be afraid and worry about things
  • Reassure him that what now seems scary and overwhelming can be handled and that as he gets older, he will learn to overcome his fear
  •  Look under the bed or in the closet for witches and monster with the child but don’t get agitated.  Let him know that you both know they aren’t there, but that every child worries about them.  You can be accepting of his feeling without conveying that they are real.
* T. Berry Brazelton's book Touchpoints: Birth to Three Second Edition

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