Monday, November 14, 2011

Tummy Time!

Why is Tummy Time Important?
  • Tummy Time will help your baby learn how it's body works and gain control of his body
  • Develop leg, arm, back and neck muscles while lengthening front muscles
  • Develop balance while shifting weight 
  • baby will be able to roll, crawl and pull to stand earlier
  • Can Help prevent flattening in the back of the head and head tilting to one side
Remember Safety
  • Always supervise baby during tummy time
  • Avoid bulky blankets that may bunch up and restrict movement or airway
  • If baby falls a sleep change him to his back
  • With newborns, tummy time is shorter (about 2 minutes) and increases as baby  progresses
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Tummy Time Ideas
  • Get down on the floor and play with baby face to face
  • Place toys in front of baby and change toys frequently
  • Lie on your back and place your baby on your stomach
  • Use a rolled towel/blanket or a Boppy pillow under your babies chest making it easier to raise and turn his head (start when neck muscles are getting stronger)
  • Place baby on tummy when dressing or drying him
  • Try carrying your baby tummy-side down
  • Play with your baby on his tummy for short periods several times a day.  This is better than playing with baby for long periods of time a few times a day.
  • You can start tummy time first day by simply placing your baby on your chest, tummy side down with his face turned to one side.  Change head positions one time facing right, the next time facing left to prevent neck stiffening
  • Start tummy time on the floor when babies neck muscles are strong enough

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