Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Playgroup: Learning the Concept of Self

We started out 2012 with a playgroup activity about the concept of self. We were having so much fun at our activity that we forgot to take pictures!

First we talked about how people are similar—we all have two eyes, two ears, one mouth, and two legs—but how we are all different, too. 

To demonstrate this, we placed pictures of four different types of fruits on the floor, and had everyone stand by their favorite.

The kids could see that while we all liked fruit, we each have different favorites!

For our craft, we used some handouts printed from A to Z Teacher Stuff's free printables.

We talked about different colors of eyes (Page 2 of the All About Me Book), which includes basic picture of facial features, and had them glue on the appropriate eye color. 

We gave them Dulce de Leche Cheerios for brown eyes and Fruit Loops for blue and green eyes.

We also gave them a handout to glue pictures of their favorite foods onto (Page 12). The kids could see that everyone enjoyed food, and that even if they didn’t want to include a picture in their collage, someone else may enjoy that particular dish.

We showed them a coloring page about favorite colors (Page 8), and had each child choose a colored streamer and wave it around.

We ended with a snack of the delicious fruits from our first activity about favorites.

What are the child developmental aspects of this playgroup? All of these activities help children develop their social and emotional skills by thinking about themselves and those around them. The children also used their fine motor skills by picking up the cheerios and gluing them to the paper. Of course dancing with the color strips help develop all areas and produced giggles and smiles, as well as demonstrated the fun of being active. Go ahead, introduce your child to the concept of self this week!

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