Thursday, April 5, 2012

Easter Craft and Treats!

Are you looking for a cute craft to do with your little ones for Easter? Here is a simple and fun craft! 
All you need is: 
White Paper
Kid Friendly Yellow and Orange Paint
Glue Sticks
Yellow Feathers
Googly Eyes
1. Start off by painting yellow ovals. You might need to lightly draw one with yellow crayon for your kids to fill in with paint.
2. Next place the feathers on your chick with a glue stick, and paint on some legs, hair and beak. Don't forget your googly eyes! You're all done! Let your kids have fun with embellishing their pictures! Your kids can hang their pictures on the wall/fridge or they can fold their picture in half and give it to someone as an Easter card. I mentioned in my St. Patrick's Day post about children developing fine motor skills, this activity will also help your children develop and strengthen their fine motor skills by painting and gluing. 
Yummy Easter Treat that is Easy to Make!
All you need to make this treat is:
As many Ice Cream Cones as you want to fill
Jelly Beans, the more colors the better!
A small knife to carefully cut two holes into the sides of each ice cream cone
Apple Licorice, any Licorice would work. Tuck either end of the Licorice into the holes to serve as an edible handle! Ta-da! Now you have a new take on a spring tradition! These mini baskets will add a bright touch to your kitchen table and are fun for kids! You can have your kids help you by putting the jelly beans in the ice cream cones and have your kids put the licorice in the holes you cut in the cones.
The last treat you can make is a little more difficult, but definitely super cute! It will take a lot more steps to make so click here for the ingredients and directions on how to make these Easter Egg Treats!

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