Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Playgroup: Whip up a memory game!

 Let's face it, kids outgrow stuff really fast! Blue jeans, shoes, and even games that were once exciting! One way to stay ahead of the boredom as they tire of the same toys and games is to make your own! One of my quickest playgroup games yet was started and finished in probably half an hour! I made it for the St. Patrick's Day activity, and although we didn't end up having time to play it, I was still so amazed at how quickly I could make a custom game for the occasion! Here's how I did it.

I started with 8 1/2" by 11" white printer papers and full sheets of orange construction paper, both cut in half. The construction paper is larger so it makes a nice border, and makes it so the kids can't see the marker bleeding through the back of the white paper!

Next, draw rough pictures of whatever! I did some green squiggles, a leprechaun hat, a 'March 17' calendar date, a 4 leaf clover, gold coins, a pot of gold, and a rainbow. And seriously..they don't need to be works of art! The pictures need to be simple enough that you can recreate it once. )Or better yet, draw one and have your child draw it's mate!) Be as detailed as you want, as long as the kids can recognize the matching pairs. Simple shapes and colors are effective!

Here's a sample of mine:
 See how easy!!

 After drawing the pictures, I mounted them on the orange construction paper with rubber cement. Tape or Elmer's glue would work just as well!

Let it dry, and you're done! Kids will love the larger cards, and enjoy walking around to turn them over. And really, you can customize this completely! Use your kids' favorite TV show characters, letters or numbers, shapes, stickers, whatever! Be creative! You're sure to be met with big smiles.

Thanks for reading! Stay tuned for next semester's playgroup activities with Brooke, the new playgroup specialist!

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