Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Book Review: NO, David!

This fun new author, David Shannon captures childhood in his series of No, David books.  Writing from his own childhood experiences, he makes his books humorous, lighthearted and perhaps helps parents to relax!  Raising children can certainly be difficult at times, but this helps me to put things into perspective.  Children are adventurous and curious, but if you are worried about behavioral issues, here are a few things that might help (remember to be age appropriate!)  Don't forget to look for his white dog Fergus in each of his books!
  •  Music (these songs can help reinforce to your children, appropriate behavior) If You're Happy and You Know It...Clap Your Hands or Do As I'm Doing
  •  Active games- these games can help your child practice following directions Simon Says, Red Light-Green Light, Duck, Duck, Goose or musical chairs.  If a child can 'stop' doing a certain behavior in a game setting they can learn to 'stop' doing other unwanted behaviors as well.  When a child is misbehaving, try saying, "Remember when we were playing the game and you could stop running?  Can you stop hitting?"  It will take some practice, but your child will start to learn how to control themselves and their emotions.
  • Make “I Can” outdoor and indoor activity cans.  Save soup or vegetable cans and clean them out. Make a label to cover the cans.  Help your child draw pictures of thing they “CAN” do inside and outside of the home.  Draw pictures such as playing ball, running, swimming, reading, coloring, playing blocks, etc.  Put the pictures in the appropriate can.  Next time your child wants to do an activity, ask them to get their can and see if the activity is in that can.  If it is not, help them pick an activity that is appropriate. 
  • No is a word that parents frequently use to teach their children about rules, proper behavior, and to protect them from harm.  The overuse of the word NO will have the opposite effect that you want and many times children will not listen to you. Try these alternate techniques that emphasize saying what you mean but phrasing it in a positive way. 
Sit on the swing please
No…don’t stand on the swing
Talk in a quiet voice please
No…don’t shout
Please turn the pages carefully, like this
No…don’t tear the book
Please sit on the chair
No…don’t rock on the chair
Drink your milk
Do you want your milk?

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