Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Yellow and Blue make what????


Many things come in the color green; broccoli, trees, four-leaf clovers, grass, Kermit the Frog, my face on a roller coaster....

Our playgroups this week learned about colors and how colors are made. We read the book little blue and little yellow by Leo Lionni which is such a cute book about two friends; blue and yellow.  The are separated but when they see each other again, they hug and turn GREEN!  They have to figure out how to get back to the original colors they once were.

 We learned that primary colors are RED, YELLOW, and BLUE.

These three colors are mixed to make secondary colors.  Primary colors are used in different combinations to make ALL the other colors that we see in this world. The colors of the rainbow are all made from red, yellow, and blue.

Secondary colors are made from primary colors.  They are: PURPLE, ORANGE, and GREEN.  

Our friends got to see for themselves that yellow and blue make green, and yellow & red make orange, and red & blue make purple.  We used clear jars, water, and food coloring.  When we stirred up the first color then added the second color, the second color made a "water tornado"which the kids loved.

Here are all three secondary colors that we made...
With our craft/snack we combined the two. We had yellow cupcakes already made, then we made different colored frosting out of white vanilla frosting, and food coloring.

The children loved making new colors and eating them too!!

Children love to help mom bake! Letting them add ingredients like sugar, flour, eggs, etc. is an excellent way to get them involved.  Frosting is the best part, and let them choose which colors to make.  Ask them "If I want to make orange frosting, which colors would I need?" Always find teaching opportunities within your home because being an Everyday Learner promotes child development, autonomy, and creativity.

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