Friday, November 2, 2012

Book Review: Chrysanthemum

This book is aimed a little more towards older children, but it's a cute story that children of all ages will enjoy and be able to identify with.

Chrysanthemum thinks that her name is absolutely perfect. She likes how it looks, she likes how it sounds, and she likes that is her name and hers alone. Until she gets to kindergarten and enters a world full of short, names like Alex, Sam, Sue, Jill, and Joe. And then Victoria comes along, telling Chrysanthemum that she is named after her grandmother and that that is a lot more special than being named after a silly old flower. Suddenly, Chrysanthemum doesn't like her name so much any more. After all, it's hard to find solace and regain lost self-esteem when your classmates are threatening to "pluck" and "smell" you. Her parents try to soothe her wounded soul with "hugs, kisses, and Parcheesi," but nothing seems to help. And then the class meets the new music teacher, Mrs. Twinkle -- Mrs. Delphinium Twinkle, that is. When Mrs. Twinkle announces that she wants to name her baby the prettiest name she has ever heard, and that that name is Chrysanthemum, all the kids wish they had flower names, too. And Chrysanthemum blooms once again.
Activity: Tell your child some of your favorite stories about them. This can help build confidence and self-worth, and it can also be a great bonding experience. Help your child to write a story about himself or herself.

Developmental Skill: Social and emotional development is foundational to all learning and can easily be described as regulating our emotions, understanding our emotions, showing emotional attachment, and working well with others.

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