Tuesday, November 13, 2012

How to Make "Cloud Dough"

Cloud dough is a wonderful sensory experience to provide for any child, from infants to preschool children. It has a lovely silky smooth texture and can smell fantastic, depending on which baby oil you choose to add.

Here is the oh-so-easy recipe to make your own cloud dough:
8 cups of flour to every 1 cup of baby oil
Enjoy mixing, then place the dough into a sensory tray!

Next, add a variety of utensils, tools, and shaped containers to use with the dough. One suggestion is to not place all of the utensils out at the same time. If you stagger their introduction, your child will be more likely to thoroughly explore the potential of each item. And they get to come back each day to see what new items have been added to the mix, which can be great fun, especially for older children.

When children are developing an understanding of the concept of measurement (volume, in this case), it is important to provide them with numerous hands-on experiences to explore the properties of that concept. Through the act of pouring materials such as sand, water, rice, peas, corn, and beans from one container to another, children start to gain an understanding of the properties of volume. They are also engaging in scientific reasoning as they manipulate materials and experiment with 'cause and effect'. It is also a source of fun and an excellent creative outlet for your child.

Information and images taken from: http://www.flightsofwhimsy-ece.com/2011/10/playdough-no-cloud-dough/

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