Monday, September 23, 2013

Baby Bargains and Free Stuff

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Who doesn't love a good deal? Or better yet, a free deal? I know I do, and when it comes to babies and infants, the costs really start to add up. Here is a list of 10 of my favorite links to coupons, deals, and even free samples of some really great and frequently used products. 

1. Brad's Deals: From baby products, to toys and clothing. this website has some of the best deals around. 
2. I Crave Freebies: This website has tons of free items that you can both pick up at stores and send away for. 
3. Enfamil, Similac, and Gerber all offer free starter kits when you sign up for their programs.
4. Amazon Mom has a free 3 month trial, which offer 20% off diapers, family products and free two-day shipping.
5. Huggies, and Pampers offer coupons and rewards programs for purchasing their brands.
6. Johnson & Johnson and Luvs have great coupons available all the time.  
7. Here's a link for a free Avent bottle.
8. Everyday Family is a great website that has many resources, deals, and coupons available for all kinds of baby products. 
9. Magic Freebies has tons and tons of free product offers and coupons. 
10. Freeflys has not only links to free childcare products, but food, beauty and miscellaneous products as well.

You may look at this list and think "this looks like a lot of junk mail" but as you start to see the saving pile up and coupons rolling in, your "junk mail" may just start to look like dollar signs.