Monday, September 30, 2013

Book Review: Grandfather and I by Helen E. Buckley & Jan Ormerod

This is a charming and poetic book about the time a grandfather spends with his grandson.  Written in the child's point of view, the book talks about the busy and fast paced world that he lives in.  However, with his grandfather the boy can take all the time he wants and spend quality time with him.  This book suggests the importance of spending time with family and letting children be children by learning and going on adventures.

Activity:  In the book the boy and and his grandfather go on walks to explore the earth.  Take your little one on a walk and let them play and explore.  Talk to them about what they are seeing and how things work (how trees grow, look at cloud shapes, etc.)  Let them experience the world first hand and let them take the time to learn for themselves about the things they are seeing.