Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Resource Spotlight: Circles Initiative

LogoThere are many people here in Utah County living in poverty.  And most people in poverty have a difficult time finding a way out.  There can be a lot of reasons for that, be it job loss, family situations, health problems, lack of education and many more.

Because of this difficulty Community Action sponsors a program called the Circles Initiative which helps give families in poverty tools that they can use to break the poverty cycle.

Circles has two parts of their program.  First, participants take a weekly clas,s for 12 weeks, where they are taught self-reliance, analytical thinking and problem solving skills.  After they complete the 12 week course participants are paired with an "Ally", who is an individual from a different economic class, to build friendships and help solve barriers that prevent someone from overcoming poverty.

Circles is a great opportunity to learn about the skills and resources necessary to overcome poverty and identify solutions to difficult situations.

For more information, or to find out if you qualify to participate in Circles, contact Jane Carlile at 801-691-5287 or Tisah Ockey at 801-691-5285.  Or visit their website.