Friday, January 28, 2011

Cute Penigun craft!

This is a fun craft that you can adjust for any age group. There is also many ways you could make it work, so work with things you have at home!

For the penguins below I used:

Water bottles
Black, white, and yellow construction paper
Googly eyes
Styrofoam ball

Tear off the label of an empty water bottle. Push the googly eyes into the Styrofoam head then remove the cap from the water bottle and stick the head on top of the water bottle. Then wrap the white construction paper around the bottle followed by the black construction paper. Cut out some feet and tape them to the bottom of the water bottle. I made a little scarf out of some extra fleece we had, however you could make a scarf out of construction paper as well.

Here are some other examples that used black and white paint.

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