Monday, January 31, 2011

Tips for Better Sleep

Having a new baby in the house can definitely screw up a person’s sleep schedule. A lot of napping during the day can make it difficult to sleep during the night. If you are having trouble sleeping try these tips from the Sleep Better Guide and Journal from TYLENOL PM.

Activities to get you in the Mood for Sleep
1. Make a “to-do” list- If you find yourself thinking about things you have to remember for the following day, write them down and get them off your mind so you can relax and focus on sleep
2. Listen to music or read a book- A relaxing activity like reading or listening to soothing music can help you unwind from the day and get ready for sleep. Try to do these activities away from bright lights to help separate your sleep time from awake time.
3.  Get up and do something- Don’t lie in bed awake for more that 15 minutes. Get up and do something. Try reading or another calming activity. Go back to bed when you’re feeling tired. Don’t agonize over falling asleep. The harder you try, the harder it can be to fall asleep.

Healthy Habits for Restful Sleep
1. Avoid big meals before bed- It’s best to finish eating at least 2-3 hours before your regular bedtime. If you’re hungry, a light snack high in carbohydrates like bread or cereal may actually help you fall asleep.
2. Exercise regularly- Regular physical activity (especially aerobic) can help you fall asleep faster and make your sleep more restful. Be careful not to exercise less than three hours before bedtime--it can make getting to sleep more difficult. Late afternoon exercise is ideal
3. Limit your fluids before bed- Too much liquid can cause you to wake up repeatedly during the night for trips to the bathroom. Getting thirsty will cause you to wake up as well. Try to find your happy medium and keep water by the bed to quench your thirst during the night.

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