Thursday, February 10, 2011

Book review: "Love you Forever"

In 1995 an endearing book was published and many mothers began reading, repeating and crying over the story “Love You Forever” by Robert Munsch and illustrated my Shelia McGraw.  This classic book is a book that can be read at bedtime, bath time, and times when a parent wonders if it worth it.  The repetition of the words : “I’ll Love You Forever,  I’ll Love You For Always,  As Long as I am Living, My Baby You Will Be” becomes part of our “I love you rituals” or every day routine.  This phrase can be said when there is no time to read the book, and a child can join with us as the book is read.  Before long the parent and child can read the book together.  I bought each of my children their own copy of this book and used it as a “journey of memories”.   At the bottom of each page there is ample room to add a picture of your child at the age mentioned in the story with a small story, anecdote of what was happening in their life.  Throughout the years their story became intertwined with the main character.  As my children left my home, this was one book I was able to give them.    I have many, many “favorite” children books and this is on my top ten list.  I would encourage you to find books that have the repetition of a phrase that could be used when a child is waking up, in the care and/or having a sad moment.     “I Love You Forever” and books that have the sing-song words and phrase are a great choices for your library.  Books like this can be used to encourage a child to move, quiet down, read, and of course smile.  Another story that has the same qualities is "Ten Little Fingers and Ten Little Toes “ by Mem Fox and Illustrated by Helen Oxenbury (published 2008).  The first time I read this book I knew it would be a story that would be shared with my children and grandchildren for many years.  The phrase “and this little baby as everyone know has ten little fingers and ten little toes”   has a sing song rhythm and catchy repetition.  Babies from many cultures are highlighted, each one special.  This appealing book emphasized the readers baby, who is "truly divine" and has fingers, toes, and three little kisses on the tip of its nose.”


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