Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Get Ready for Valentines Day

In preparation for Valentine's Day, have your children make the decorations this year.  Encourage your children to create some of the following crafts and then hang them around the house, possibly frame some, and make visible for guests and visitors to your home.

  • Coloring book pages: have your child use their creativity as they color the pages they select.  As you praise them, this will promote self-efficacy in your children. 
  • Hand Valentine's: Trace your children hands out on multi-colored construction paper.  They will get so excited that you are including them and will want their hands in all different colors!

As you involved your children in these fun holidays, they too will be excited and feel important.  Every time some one new comes over, they will show their latest craft and creation.  Doing small activities like Valentine crafts, give children confidence they need and the desire to express themselves in the future.   

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