Friday, October 21, 2011

Babysitter Tips

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Leave your Babysitter the following information
  • Important phone numbers like your cell phone or where you can be reached in case of an emergency, poison control number, etc.
  • What time bed time is.(so your children can go to bed at a reasonable time and they can tell them that mommy said baby time is...)
  • Exchange Phone Numbers- Make sure you have the babysitters number and the babysitter has your phone number
  • Neighbor's numbers just in case.
  • Have food Available-If the kids haven’t eaten yet, have food that the babysitter can give them and what time dinner should be eaten.
  • Food allergies that the kids may have (very important) and what to do if they have a reaction
  • Medications that the children use or may need in case of an emergency (epi pen or inhaler)
  • Bottle Feeding instructions-If you have a child who is still on breast milk or formula, leave information on how to make formula and/or how to long to heat the milk
  • First Aid Kit- Location of first aid kit.
  • Address of the house
  • House Rules. ( for example… how long they can watch tv, how many friends they can have over)
  • Security Alarm-if you have a security alarm teach them how to use it
  • Suggestions- every child is different and nobody knows better how to put your child to bed or handle their tantrum than you do.  Also, children act differently around babysitters than around you.  Your babysitter will appreciate any suggestions you have for them.
When looking for a babysitter ask: 
  • A trusted friend or family member to babysit
  • Your neighbors, they may have a good babysitter that they trust
  • A co-workers child could be a good choice
  • Your neighbor or friend if they would want to take turns watching each others children.

We would suggest..
  • Meeting with your babysitter before having them babysit for you. Show them around your home and have them meet your children. 
  • Having a babysitter older than 12 
When is my child ready to be left with a babysitter?
  •  This ultimately the parents' decision.  You may ask your friends what they are doing and see if that is what you want to do as well. You may want to consider the difficulty of your child and how closely you have to watch them and how difficult they are to control.  This will suggest how experienced your babysitter will need to be.  
  • Get your child used to you leaving for short periods of times before separation anxiety sets in. This could be leaving them with dad to bottle feed while you go for a short walk or run a quick errand. Start with 15 minutes and then work your way up.  This will also allow bonding time between dad and baby. 

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