Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Play Group Craft and Snack: Under the Sea!

This past week in play group, we read about ocean animals, made turtle rattles and ate sharks!
Turtle rattles are fun and easy to make! 
Here's what you'll need:
-Paper Plates
-Coloring materials (crayons or markers)
-Paper to make head, arms and legs (I just searched online for a template and printed it)
-Stapler/staples or tape
-Beans, rice, popcorn (anything that will rattle)

What you do:
-First let your child color the plates (shell) head, and legs of the turtle
-After they are finished coloring, put plates together and staple (or tape) around the edges, leaving a big enough hole to put rattlers in.
-Throw in a few beans or whatever will make noise and staple the rest back up.
We also ate these adorable ocean snacks:
They are pretty delicious AND easy to make!
What You'll Need:
-Vanilla Wafers
-Clear cups
-Blue yogurt or you can dye it with food coloring)
-fish fruit snacks or gummies
What You Do:
-First, crush the Vanilla Wafers into crumbs (this is the sand) and place in cups
-Then, pour blue yogurt on top
-Lastly, place fruit snack fish on top

Thanks for reading! See you next week for HALLOWEEN fun!

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