Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Play Group Craft/Snack: PEAR MICE!!

Another week has blown by and we have had another wonderful day at our weekly playgroup.
This last week we read about mice and a very hungry cat. I then told the children that we were going to eat mice for our snack. Most of them were not very excited about that.... well, until they saw what the mice were made of!!
Pear Mice are a great HEALTHY snack for kids of many ages! You won't feel guilty letting your children eat lots of these!

Here is what you'll need:
-Pear halves (canned or fresh, either one works fine)
-Twizzlers pull and peel (or anything long and skinny that could work as a tail)
-Almond Slivers
-Mini Marshmallows (these are another option for ears--not required)

Here's what you do:
-Lay a pear half down on a plate
-Add raisins for eyes and nose, almond slivers (or marshmallows) as ears, and a licorice for the tail
-Grab a fork and ENJOY!

Here are pictures from our experience with this crafty snack:

The Finished Product:

Singing Time!!
See you next week!!! We will have an Ocean theme!!

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