Thursday, February 9, 2012

The Fourth Protective Factor

The Fourth Protective Factor to Strengthen your Family is 
Knowledge of Parenting and Child Development. 
Knowledge of Parenting and Child Development:
Accurate information about child development and appropriate expectations for children’s behavior at every age help parents see their children and youth in a positive light and promote their healthy development. Information can come from many sources, including family members as well as parent education classes and surfing the Internet. Studies show information is most effective when it comes at the precise time parents need it to understand their own children. Parents who experienced harsh discipline or other negative childhood experiences may need extra help to change the parenting patterns they learned as children.

Our Welcome Baby volunteers are trained and qualified to help you with questions you have about child development. Each home visit you have you are given appropriate information regarding your child(ren)'s development. Help Me Grow is another program where you can learn what your child's strengths are and what area your child may need extra help. We can provide you with Ages and Stages Questionnaires that are helpful to determine what area of development your child might need extra support. By becoming educated about child development your family will become much happier and healthier!
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