Monday, February 13, 2012

Valentines Day Craft and Snack!

I was searching Pinterest.com for a cute and simple craft to do with kids. This is what I found! The person who posted it found the mailboxes at Target for a $1 and the paper for $1! You and your kids can have a blast decorating the outside of the mailboxes together.  An idea for the mailboxes, (a little late this year, but an idea for next year) is to make the mailboxes a couple weeks before Valentines Day and each day leave a little note or treat in the mailboxes for your kids/family. Every day your family will love opening the mailboxes to see a treat or little note inside! 
Do you need an idea for a quick snack on Valentines Day? This is super cute and super easy! You can have your kids help you make these Fruit Heart Kabobs! All you need is Watermelon, Honeydew,  Cantaloupe, and I would even try Pineapple! And of course you will need a heart shaped cookie cutter to get the cute shapes and Popsicle sticks for the Kabobs. This is a fun and healthy snack for you and your kids to enjoy together!
Heart Kabobs
And of course you can make the yummy fruit dip that completes the snack! 

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