Friday, June 29, 2012

Take a Tour with Baby :)

Just like adults, babies can get bored of their surroundings.  You don't always like sitting in the same place all the time, doing the same things, and looking at the same things, and neither does baby!  So if baby seems fussy and the usual suspects aren't the culprit, try giving baby a change of scenery!

You can try giving baby a new point of view by holding her at your eye level and taking a tour of the house; just being up off the floor can give baby a whole new perspective on rooms she sees on a regular basis!  Try also visiting rooms you don't spend a lot of time in.  Take baby in the bathroom and let her touch the bath towels and look at herself in the mirror.  Take your baby into the kitchen and let her run her hands under warm and cold water (make sure it's not hot first!) and let baby touch cold things from the refrigerator.  Let her touch books on shelves, light switches, and wall hangings (ones that aren't going to fall and hurt her!).  Go outside and try finding some new (safe) textures for baby to touch and explore.  Grass can be fun and new for little toes and fingers!  Every time you touch or see something new, be sure to tell baby all about it!  When she touches something, tell her the name, describe what she's feeling with words like "soft", or "cold".  When baby looks at objects, name them, and describe what she's seeing with words like "big" or "red".

Have fun exploring and re-discovering your home through your little-one's eyes!!

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