Friday, June 15, 2012

Ten Tips for Getting Daddy Involved!

Fathers play a vital role when it comes to raising children, but it's so easy for dads to feel left out or unimportant in the early years.  Moms tend to take over when it comes to baby (we can be a little overprotective when it comes to our little ones!) Yet there are many things that fathers can and should contribute to raising baby, such as protection and security, physical activities, experiments with games and new skills,  emotional stability, and lots of fun!  Sometimes it's just a matter of learning what you can contribute as a dad, and for mommy, letting daddy have some room to do his thing!  

Here are some good tips to help dad get a little bit more involved in baby's early years :
Tips for Dads
  • Read and talk to your baby. Children love the sound of your voice.
  • Get comfortable with all aspects of caring for your child, even changing dirty diapers.
  • Play with your baby. Your baby needs your special insight and full attention.
  • Assist in the feeding process.  If the mother is breastfeeding, sit close as she feeds, talk to both mother and baby, and burp the baby after.
  • Create a routine with your child.  Take time to rock your baby and give mom a break!
  • Make time for you baby, children need consistency and quality time.
  • Remember to have fun! Parenting can be overwhelming, but jump in and enjoy every step of your baby’s development.

Tips for Moms
  • Hang back. Letting your partner take over some of the regular baby duties is a good first step to helping the two of them connect. Just as important: Don't hover around him when he's with the baby. It may be tempting to rescue your child when he's fussy, but if you fall into this pattern, you'll likely erode your partner's self-confidence and your baby won't get used to being comforted by him.
  • Don't criticize. It takes practice to learn how to care for and interact with a baby (even if your baby is only a few weeks old, you've had a lot of time to figure it out!). So don't scold your partner for doing something that's just not your way.
  • Trust him. You may feel like Mommy knows best, but give your husband the chance and he may surprise you with  solutions for burping your baby, keeping him entertained, and more. Focus on the giggles!

Source: http://www.parenting.com/article/dads-and-babies and Keeping Your Baby Healthy

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