Friday, June 22, 2012

Texture Crawl

Looking for something new and fun to do with baby? Sometimes mommy needs a change (let's face it, there's only so much peek-a-boo, and "so big" you can handle in one day!), so here's a fun, super easy activity you can do with baby!!

What you'll need: 

Safe materials with interesting textures, such as a rubber floor mat, carpet samples, silk scarves, chenille rug, bubble wrap, a piece of corduroy, velvet, satin, sticky side of a piece of contact paper, and of course, your baby!


Scatter the different materials across the floor and let your baby crawl across them.  Get on the floor with baby and as he moves from one to another, talk to him about what he's feeling.  Use words like "cool", "smooth", "bumpy", or "soft" to describe the different textures.  If you have pre-crawler you can do some tummy time and baby can feel the interesting textures on his tummy, hands and legs, just be sure to never leave baby alone with anything that could hurt him!  You can also help baby to feel the objects with his hands, feet, and face.  If your baby can stand, you can put different objects on a table or couch and let baby feel the textures from that angle. 

Just have fun helping your baby to explore his world!

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