Friday, October 19, 2012

Book Review: The Way I Feel

In this fun little book about emotions, written and illustrated by Janan Cain, she utilizes different fonts and color palettes brilliantly to talk about the many different emotions that children feel every single day. From silly to angry to shy to frustrated, this book helps your child to understand what different emotions are and provides him or her with the language to describe those emotions. It also offers suggestions for how to talk with your child about what makes them feel each of the different emotions, how to correctly deal with those emotions, what your child can do to change circumstances that make them feel a way that he or she doesn't like, and practice naming and identifying their own feelings.
Activity: Use art to help your children express their emotions. After reading the book, have your children use colors and lines to show what emotions they are feeling. Talk about the difference between jagged and wavy lines. What emotions might those lines represent? Have your child try drawing soft and hard and discuss what light and dark colors might represent. Later if your child is misbehaving or struggling to identify their emotions, let them try drawing or pointing to how they feel.

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