Wednesday, October 24, 2012

No Dragons for Tea

This time our playgroup was all about fire safety.  To help teach this we read a book about a dragon that accidentally catches the house on fire when he sneezes during Tea Time.  The family had to get out of the house fast and call the fire department to put out the blaze.  this is a great book for some of the older kids, but may be a bit long for the little ones.

We asked the kids what they would do if there was a fire.  Many of the kids wanted to hide or run back into the house if their favorite toy was still inside.  When faced with a similar situation, most kids may want to do the same, but this can be dangerous!  

Many of the parents didn't have a meeting place for their family if there was a house fire or any other emergency.  Take some time to talk with your child about what they should do if there was a fire in your home and do a practice drill.  The things you teach your kids now will really help them in case of an emergency. 

To help the kids remember the story we made some of our own dragons that breathed paper fire.  This was a great craft for our theme if you're interested in some fun ways to teach about fire safety, but can be used anytime you want to have some fun!  Here’s how you can make your own:

What you’ll need:

     Disposable cup
     Scissors or small pocket knife
     Popsicle stick
     Craft eyes
     Red party streamers
·    Stuff to decorate with

1 - Take the disposable cup and cut a hole in the bottom.  That way you can blow through one end and make the fire come out the other.

2 - Make a small cut on the side of the cup and insert the popsicle stick as a handle.

3 - Glue on the eyes and decorate the dragon with markers, glitter, dots, stickers, or anything you have around the house.  We used colored polka dots at our playgroup. 

4 - Tape strips of red party streamers to the inside of the cup.  You can also use red ribbon, but light weigh paper works the best.

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