Friday, October 12, 2012

Book Review: What's Up, Duck?

In this delightful board book by Tad Hills, Duck  and Goose learn about basic opposites. Goose is clean as a  whistle, but Duck is dirty from playing the mud. While everyone else is sound asleep, Goose is wide awake. "With a simple text and colorful illustrations–plus the inimitable characters, of course–here’s a wonderful, and humorous, introduction to an important concept." This book helps to teach your child cognitive and reasoning skills that are important in all areas of development.
Activity: Board books are great for a child to begin reading! With the animal illustrations, you can help your child learn the concept of 'opposites'. When reading the book, make sure to emphasize the actions so your child understands what the words and actions mean. Try listing a word and see if your child can name its opposite. "Up, ____", "Hot, ____". This will greatly increase your child's vocabulary.

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