Monday, January 28, 2013

10 Ways Nannies Can Organize A Child's Toys

Do you have a nanny? If not, this article is useful for you too! Toys are constantly used and the place area can get messy if it's not organized! Here are 10 easy steps to store toys in an organized and functional manner. 

 1. Store Toys Low- It is that children important can easily fetch toys, so they don't get frustrated and feel they need to climb to reach. 

2. Use Bins and Baskets - Arrange a series of bins and baskets to contain overflow of toys. 

3. Store Same with Same - Organizing toys of the similar thing in it's own container, provides an easy access to what toy(s) the child is looking for. This method is also helpful with making clean-up time much easier!

4. Keep Shelves Secure and Safe - Prevent top-heavy tip-over shelves by anchoring them properly and not storing too much on them. This prevents future injuries of children climbing to slung-over shelves that aren't fully secured. 

5. Make Favorites Easy to Find - Most children, especially toddlers usually have their choice of toy(s). By keeping these few toys easily accessible to the child, they'll most likely not make a mess with several toys, because they have their favorites and aren't compensating for them. 

6. Put Away Special Occasion Toys - Messy toys like bubbles, dough, glitter should be used under adult supervision and is best stored where it is not a temptation for the child. By doing so, when you plan special times for the child to explore these toys/activities, the tone of excitement is much greater. 

7. Make Clean-up Part of Your Regular Routine Together - Children can expect something if it's routine. Making clean-up a regular event after playtime helps the child to understand cleaning up is part of the playing and shows they're responsible for cleaning up after themselves. 

8. Designate Toy Containers in Common Rooms - Sometimes it's effective to have toys in certain rooms other then the playroom. By having one bin for a different room is effective for corralling toys while keeping them separated from the playroom stash. 

9. Stuffed Animal Hammocks - It is common for toddlers to have a kingdom collection of stuffed animals and plush toys. But, they probably just have a few favorites. Toy hammocks are a great option for storing because you can easily put them in and put several in. It's important to place the hammocks where reckless play isn't encouraged. 

10. Label Everything - Even though your young age child may not read, labels are still the most useful organizational tool for you. It's not easy to remember which toy goes in which bin, but labels are the easy fix for that! Labeling with both words and pictures is very effective! Both labeling types also promotes word recognition.

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