Monday, January 21, 2013

Making Your Own Baby Food is so EASY

Why should I make my own baby food?

1- You save money! Research has shown that making your own baby food you can save 50% or more then buying it.

2- It's a healthier choice. Most store-bought baby food has preservatives and additives. By making the food yourself, you know what is going into the food and you can be sure that your baby is getting real food and proper nutrition.

The Baby Brezza baby food maker

I have heard great reviews on the Baby Brezza! Owners of the Baby Brezza have told me they love how easy and convenient it is to make baby food! 

Tips for getting started! 

1- Prepare a variety of fruits, vegetables, meats, grain, and legumes. Prepare familiar foods to you and don't fear branching out to new foods!

2- Persistence is key. Naturally, babies will go for the sweeter foods, but don't let that stop you from feeding your baby meats and legumes.

3-Be creative. Experiment with different foods and flavor combinations. Try as many combinations to encourage your baby to enjoy a variety of flavors. 

4-Include herbs and spices. After a year it is a great option to add ground spices, and fresh herbs. Other ingredients such as; yogurt, olive oil, ground seeds and nuts add healthy fat and good flavor. 

Age-Food Reference Chart

Cooking Guidelines for the Baby Brezza

The Baby Brezza website is great resource for baby food recipes 6 months +, instructional videos about the Baby Brezza, user manuals, food preparation, feeding guide, etc.

Links to buy the Baby Brezza!
Bed Bath and Beyond


  1. This is something that I have been thinking a lot about. I just can't decide if I really believe that this is a healthier option. I know baby food has preservatives in it but it also fortified with vitamins that she won't get just from an apple and the few other things that she can eat as her "first foods." Does that make sense? I guess that's why you supplement with breast milk?

    1. Breast milk is always a good option, but for mom's who don't have success or when the baby stops nursing it's obvious solid foods are necessary. I can see why you think the fortified store bought baby food would provide more nutrition. But, the fact is our bodies become toxic when things like additives and preservatives are being added into our food. Therefore, our bodies can not absorbed the nutrition from our food. Another point too is fresh vs. canned? Fresh is always, always a better choice for getting the most nutrition. I hope this helps!