Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Resource Spotlight: Resources for Infant Educarers Approach

Resources for Infant Educarers Approach (RIE), is a non-profit organization that was founded by Magda Gerber (infant specialist and educator), Tom Rorrest (M.D., and pediatric neurologist) in 1978. The guided idea behind this organization is when adults respect and care properly for their infant that the infant will develop into an independent, and well-adjusted individual. The services offered by RIE are many different training opportunities for parents and childcare professionals to learn and participate in the RIE approach.
The first part of the RIE approach is to encourage both parents and caregivers to show respect for the baby's experience. To explain more specifically about this approach here are some techniques of the RIE approach.

Talk with your infant. RIE approach is to encourage ongoing communication with your baby. Tell your charge before you do it. For example, "I'm going to go get your binky, hold tight." This type of approach demonstrates respect for the infant and helps the child to develop predictability. 

Don't be quick to fix your infants charge as they being to fuss or cry. Crying is a way baby's communicate. It expresses how they feel or what they want. The approach for this is to acknowledge your baby's emotions, and not jump right into soothing, but rather listening to what they're expressing to you. 

Just ask if you're not sure what your baby wants. The RIE approach for this is to ask what they want. This is another way of showing respect to them. If you feed your child and they're still fussy, ask "Are you still hungry?" If they reject food, then perhaps ask, "Is your tummy not feeling well? Are you gassy?" Burp them and continue to ask them questions to discover why they're upset. By doing so, your child feels safe and understood. 

Opt for self-directed play. The RIE approach encourages parents to have your baby lead in the play experience. Magda Gerber said, "Infancy is a time of great dependence. Nevertheless babies should be allowed to do things for themselves from the very beginning." More clearly the meaning is let your baby do what interest them, allowing them to become frustrated when they fail at something, and support them as they learn for figure things for themselves. 

There are many different ways to incorporate the RIE approach into everyday interaction with your infant. RIE approach offers practical ideas for creating a respectful relationship with your infant. 

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