Friday, September 14, 2012

20 Tips for Flying With Kids

The thought of traveling with kids, especially toddlers, is a horrifying prospect for many parents. The thought of flying with a toddler can be even more frightening. Here are 20 tips for flying with children:
  1. Check in early so you get the best seats. The front row is best because it has the most leg room.
  2. Plan to get to the airport two hours before you depart.
  3. Be prepared and remember to stay patient. If you're calm, it's much more likely that your kids will be calm as well.
  4. Buy new toys from the dollar store.
  5. Pack coloring books with crayons in Ziploc bags.
  6. Bring a variety of health snacks.
  7. Divide the books and snacks into small bags so you can pull them out at different times. You can even wrap the toys to make it more fun.
  8. Give your  baby a bottle or a pacifier for take-off so that their ears won't hurt. Starbursts work great for the older kids.
  9. Bring a favorite blanket or stuffed animal
  10. Pack Ziploc bags for those oh-so-wonderful messy diapers.
  11. Bring an extra pair of clothes just in case.
  12. Take along an iPad or Kindle with children's books and/or shows with headphones.
  13. Bring melatonin if it's a really long flight, to help the kids sleep.
  14. Buy a few packs of stickers to keep their hands busy for a little while.
  15. Dress up silly magnet faces.
  16. String Cheerios on a necklace.
  17. Play with finger puppets.
  18. Count Teddy Grahams or Goldfish crackers.
  19. Bring flash cards with letters and numbers.
  20. Snuggle and sing songs.
If the kids are entertained and (mostly) quiet, it's a win-win situation for everyone. The kids are happy, the parents are happy, and you don't have to face the wrath of the other childless passengers on the plane. :)
Information and image taken from: http://blogs.babycenter.com/life_and_home/20-kid-friendly-tips-for-long-flights/

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