Wednesday, September 19, 2012

I Ain’t Gonna Paint No more!

Today we decided to go on a Color hunt and see what colors we could find.  First we went around the room and found out what everyone’s favorite color was.  Then we went to work trying to find that same color somewhere in the room.  It was amazing to see how quickly some of the kids could find something.  It was also fun to see how great the kids felt when they were able to find every color we looked for.  
Our fun book for this Playgroup tells of one boy’s desire to fill his world with color by painting not only the walls in his house, but himself.  He’ll paint anything he can until his mother catches him, then it’s off to the bathroom to get cleaned up.  Not only was this a fun read as we saw the different designs the boy painted, it was an opportunity to teach the kids how to keep their paintings off the furniture and on their crafts.   

To help us find where all the different colors were hiding, we made our own set of binoculars and painted them with our favorite colors.  Here’s how you can make your own: 

    2 Toilet Paper Rolls
    Some Yarn or string
    A Stapler
    A Hole Puncher
    Paint Brushes

Start by stapling the two toilet paper rolls together.  You can also try tape or glue, but I’ve found staples work best for me.  Next punch a hole at the end of one side of the tube for the string to go through.  That way kids can wear them around their necks instead of carrying them all the time.  Now you’re ready to decorate.  We used some colorful washable paint for this playgroup, but you can color your own binoculars with markers, stickers, or anything else!   Make sure to let them dry all the way if you’re using paint!

Our snack time doubled as another fun craft.  We made Fruit Loop Bracelets to wear and eat!  Here’s how you can make them:

Fruit Loops
Pipe Cleaners

The kids loved threading the fruit loops onto the pipe cleaner.  It worked better than string or yarn because it kept the ends straight.  You can try asking the kids to sort the colors out into sections and place them into muffin tins.  This can help the smaller kids learn how to sort by colors.  Then you can twist the ends together and presto!  You’ve got an edible accessory to wear around the house!

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