Wednesday, September 12, 2012

What's in a Name?

Have you ever thought about how different we all are? We started off this playgroup by looking at some different dolls and noticing how different they could be. Some had different hair and eye colors, and some were even sticking their tongues out. We went around in a circle, looked at everyone there and talked about what made each of us different.

Our fun craft for the day was outlining our names.  Not only does his help kids learn the letters of their names, this craft will help them practice some coordination. Here's how!

- Glue
- Construction Paper
- Beans, Pasta, or any dried foods you have.

With some glue, write your child's name or the first letter of their name on the constructor paper. Next, place the dried beans over the glue to outline the letters.

Once this has dried your kids will be able to see, and feel their name. This is a great activity to do to help teach some fine moor skills. Come to some Playgroups activities for more fun ideas and a chance to play with your kids.

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