Thursday, September 6, 2012

All About Seeds

This week for our playgroup we learned about seeds.  We read a fantastic book that was very educational, and taught the children what seeds are, what they need to grow, and what those seeds end up being! The book is called All About Seeds by Susan Kuchalla.
We learned that acorns, pine cones, peach pits, nuts, and beans are all seeds.  All the plants, trees, grass, and flowers that we see in our beautiful world all start from a seed!  Plants, like people, needs certain things to grow. They need water, sunshine, and soil to grow. Ask your children what they need to grow!

Planting your own seeds is an activity every child loves to do! They especially love taking care of the seed, and watching it grow day after day.  You would be surprised at how responsible children can be--even little ones--when they can actually see that the effort they put in every day is actually doing something!  This is a great teaching tool for children to learn at a young age that when you take the time to care for something, nourish and nurture it, it will grow and flourish into something beautiful.  If you ignore and forget about it, it will quickly wilt away and die.

Making your own "Grass Friend" is simple and easy to do.

  • First you need to get a plastic cup
  • Next, decorating our grass friend is what gives it life and personality! Googly eyes are fun to glue on, and you get them at any craft store. They come in all colors and sizes. My opinion is, the bigger the better!!!
  • For the nose and mouth, the kids can draw their own on card stock, then color, cut, and paste to the cup. Or you can glue a button on for the nose, and use pipe cleaners for the mouth--or anything else that you think would work.

  • Next when the face is all put on, fill it half full with potting soil.  Next add some grass seeds. Any type of grass seeds should work, then fill the rest of the cup with more soil. Make sure you water it, and put it in some warm sunshine.  When the grass grows out long, your children can "style" their hair!! If its a girl grass friend they can put bows or ribbons in the "hair" to style it up! That's what makes this activity so fun because it lasts for so long.

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