Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Celebrating the Months of the Year

Each month is filled with so many fun things to do!  We have our national holidays such as Christmas, Thanksgiving and Halloween to celebrate as well as the birthdays and anniversaries in between.  Today’s Playgroup was all about celebrating the months of the year and the birthdays we all have. 

Our story time told the tale of a birthday cake made by many different fairy tale characters.  During the story the kids were able to identify the different characters and tell us what their story was.  It was amazing how many characters the kids could recognize! 

For our playgroup craft we made our own birthday Party hats!
Here’s what you’ll need:

-Paper Plates
-Anything you want to decorate or color your hat!

Take a paper plate and make a cut from one end to the middle of the plate.  This will allow you to bend the plate into a cone for your basic hat shape.  Adjust your hat to make it wider to smaller depending on the size of your head.  Then tape the plate together so it will hold its shape. 

Punch or cut two holes at the bottom, on either side of the hat and thread some string through both sides. That way you’ll be able to tie the hat under your chin to keep if from falling off your head. 

Now you’re ready to decorate!  To decorate our hats we used feathers, pipe cleaners, stickers, crayons, markers and anything else we could find in our craft box.  Get creative and decorate your hat however you want! 

As our snack we made mini cupcakes with whipped topping for frosting.  The kids used some pretzel sticks as candles and could put in multiple candles to reflect their age!  Have fun celebrating the months and the birthdays we all have!

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