Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Holiday Traditions

Holiday traditions can come to be in a lot of different ways.  Some are ones that your great-great grandmother started and have been passed down from generation to generation (putting an orange in the bottom of our stocking).  Other traditions your own parents started themselves (getting a new pair of pajamas on Christmas eve).  And others you don't really know how they started or why you do them...you just do (putting peanut brittle out for Santa instead of cookies).  
Traditions can be a wonderful way to bring your family even closer together as you continue old ones and create new ones.  They create an environment that is familiar and comfortable.  They are fun, exciting, and sentimental.  Here are some ideas for Christmas traditions that may be fun to try with your family this year:

  • Drive around and look at all the holiday lights in your area.
  • Go sledding or ice skating as a family.
  • Have a cookie exchange with friends and neighbors.
  • Make the same entree for Christmas eve (such as stew) or Christmas morning (such as sweet rolls) each year.
  • Read holiday Christmas books (Polar Express, Santa Mouse, etc) every night during the month of December.
  • Purchase an ornament for each child every year that will help them remember that year.
  • Volunteer at a local food bank or help a child from the Angel Tree as a family each year.
  • Deliver cookies or a special treat to your local police department, fire station, or hospital staff on Christmas Day.
  • Draw names as a family to do a gift exchange.
  • Open one gift on Christmas Eve.
  • Call or have a video chat with loved ones on Christmas Day.

Add your own to the list and share your holiday memories other readers. 
Happy Holidays!


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